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Four Pillars – Day Selection Calculator for PC Program – Screen Prints

Day Selection Computations:

  • Easy to Use Computerized Chinese Solar Calendar.
  • Day, Month, Year Conflicts.
  • Monthly and Yearly San Sha.
  • 12 On Duty Positions.
  • Monthly Number Dates for Feng Shui.
  • Early Heaven Day Selection for
    Kong Da Gua Feng Shui.

Four Pillars Computations:

  • Hour, Day, Month, Year.
  • Hidden Stems.
  • Auspicious Stars.
  • Hidden Stems.
  • Five Year and Ten Year Luck Pillars.
  • Element Count and Percentages.
  • Four Pillars and Family Relations.
  • Four Pillars, Luck Pillars and Yearly Pillars.



Opening Page of Four Pillars Day Selection Program – Home

12 On Duty Positions Method Page – Top

Number Pad Lets You Choose Time – Top

Number Pad Lets You Choose Time – Top

Four Pillars Astrology Program – Top

Five Year and Ten Year Luck Pillars – Top

Element Count and Percentages – Top

Four Pillars and Three Years’ Annual Pillars – Top

Four Pillars and Your Day of Choice for Day Selection – Top

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