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Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui Calculator for PC Program – Screen Prints

Feng Shui Systems:

  • Eight Mansions – East-West System.
  • Purple – White Feng Shui method.
  • 24 Mountains – Xuan Kong System.

Specific Feng Shui Tools and Computations:

  • Ming Gua or Personal Trigram Information.
  • Favorable and Unfavorable Directions.
  • Advanced Xuan Kong charts.
  • Annual Numbers.
  • Monthly Numbers.
  • 81 Combinations.
  • Five Elements.
  • Major External and Internal Factors.



Opening Page of Feng Shui Calculator – Home

Personal Trigram Information – Top

Flying Stars Information – Top

Flying Stars Information with Explanation – Top

Monthly Flying Numbers – Top

Flying Stars with Elements – Top

Purple-White Method Flying Stars – Top

64 Hexagrams of the I Ching – Top

External Forms Chart – Top

Internal Forms Chart – Top

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